AR# 2759


Foundation F1.x, Logiblox: Invalid Vendor 'fndtn' on command line. Unable to continue execution


Keywords: Logiblox, Foundation, fndtn

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

When invoking Logiblox from the Foundation Project Manager,
a dialog box with the following error will appear:
"Invalid vendor 'fndtn' on command line. Unable to continue



This error is due to the lack of the 'fndtn' directory (also
referred to as a "PM" or "personality module") in the
$XILINX directory.

The 'fndtn' PM is installed by the Foundation F1.x Design
Implementation Tools CDROM. If this 'fndtn' directory does not
exist in your $XILINX directory, it most likely means that the
F1.x Design Implementation Tools CD was not installed.

One solution is to simply install the Implementation Tools
from the F1.x CDROM. If you already have installed another
set of M1.x tools (for the Alliance tools, for instance), you
may install the F1.x Implementation Tools over-top of the
M1.x tools. (By default, this is installed to the C:\XILINX
directory). Please be aware that if you have installed any
M1.x Implementation Tools patches, these may be overwritten
by the F1.x Implementation Tools. To avoid having to reinstall
the patches, refer to Resolution #2.

The F1.x Implementation Tools contain the same core executables
as the M1.x Alliance tools. The only difference is that the
F1.x Implementation Tools contain 3 additional
Foundation-specific "PM"s, as well as the XABEL executables.


If you already have M1.x Core Implementation tools installed on
the system (from an M1.x Alliance install, for instance), it is
possible to manually copy over the Foundation-specific PMs
without performing a full F1.x Implementation Tools install.
The main reason to manually install just the Foundation PMs is in the case where you have
installed a series of M1.x patches, and do not wish to
overwrite them and then have to reinstall the patches. If this
is the case, you may manually copy the FNDTN and METAMOR
directories from the F1.x
Implementation Tools CDROM into the local $XILINX directory on
the harddrive. (By default, this is C:\XILINX). The directory
structure would now look like this:


Alternatively, you may download the necessary FNDTN and
METAMOR pm's from the File Download Area of the Xilinx Web
Answers page at:

Please note that if you intend to use XABEL, you MUST perform
the install from the F1.x Implementation Tools CDROM by running
the SETUP program. It is possible to ONLY install XABEL from
this CD, by selecting "Install Design Entry Tools Only" when
prompted by the Install Shield.
AR# 2759
日期 04/04/2000
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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