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AR# 2770

M1, CONCEPT2XIL, HDL DIRECT, CADENCE 97A - CONFIG, PART, TIMESPEC AND TNM properties are not being translated to the EDIF file.


Keywords: TNM, property, pad, Concept2XIL, config, part,
timespec, 97A

Urgency: Hot

General Description:
The symptom is that some properties attached to Concept
schematics (typically properties attached to the TIMESPEC
and CONFIG symbols) do not get written out by Concept2XIL to
the output EDIF file.

Concept has a feature called "HDL Direct", which allows it
to directly write out a Verilog netlist for every schematic
block in your design. Since the Verilog netlist format does
not support properties, HDL Direct also writes out a
separate viewprps.prp file containing the properties
associated with the instances in a design block, and it
does this for each design block.

In this bug, the properties do get written out by HDL Direct
to the viewprps.prp file for the design block, but do
not appear in the final EDIF output file.


This problem is caused by a bug in HDL Direct in the Cadence
97A release.

The problem is that the instance names HDL Direct writes to
the Verilog file for the design block are mixed case:

Example: obuf16 \Page1$6p

while HDL Direct writes these same instance names out in
lower-case in the viewprps.prp file:

Example: Block "page1" Inst "\\6p\\")

A typical symptom will be messages in your concept2xil.log
file that look like:

Instance page1$6p in property file for ftope_lib.ftope:hdl
does not exist in design

This is a message from the Cadence EDB, saying that it has
found a property in the viewprps.prp file which it can't
correlate with anything in the Verilog file.

There is a hot fix available from the Cadence FTP
server to correct this problem. The first patch to fix this
problem was called conceptHdldr03.01-s001 and was located in:




As of October 2, the latest version of the Solaris platform
patch was:


Reference number: 100671
AR# 2770
日期 02/08/2001
状态 Archive
Type ??????