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AR# 2773

CONCEPT2XIL/SIR2EDF - Error: Cannot open property file


Keywords: Concept2XIL, SIR2EDF, property

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
CONCEPT2XIL fails in the netlisting stage with a "failed
to netlist the design" error, and refers you to the
concept2xil.log file:

*ERROR* failed to netlist the design
please see the logfile (<explicit_path_to_concept2xil.log)

The log file itself shows the following failure

Running sir2edf version EXP-2.9 01/24/97 17:11 (stcm1sj).
Copyright (c) 1992-1995 Cadence Design Systems. All Rights Reserved.

Initializing environment ...
Loading property format file ...
Error! Cannot open property file


The "property file" to which the error message is referring
is the "xilinx.pff" property filter file. The CONCEPT2XIL
script from Cadence requires that the xilinx.pff file be
located in either

$XILINX/data, or


CONCEPT2XIL looks for this file in the Xilinx tree first.
When it searches the Xilinx tree, CONCEPT2XIL keys off
the "XILINX" variable. When searching for it in the Cadence
tree, it determines the location of the Cadence tree
using the `cds_root function.

If you are using the Concept interface from the Xilinx
Alliance CD, the xilinx.pff file will be included on this
CD in $XILINX/data. For CONCEPT2XIL to find it in this location, you must source your Xilinx setup script as well
as your Cadence setup script. You must also make sure that
the XILINX variable has been set to the correct location in
your XILINX setup file:

setenv XILINX <path_to_XILINX_install_directory>

Users obtaining their M1 Concept interface from Cadence
will usually have the xilinx.pff located in


and any standard setup script for Cadence should allow
CONCEPT2XIL to find the xilinx.pff in this location by
running the `cds_root function.
AR# 2773
日期 02/08/2001
状态 Archive
Type ??????