AR# 2794


M1.3 XC9500 Taengine - Assertion failed : i-> RetOutput (iot,ZeroIfNew)... abnormal program termination


Keywords: M1, 9500, CPLD, taengine

Urgency: Standard

General Description: When running the flow engine, timing
fails. In the log report the last three lines are:

taengine -f design -l design.tim
Assertion failed: !i->RetOutput(iot,ZeroIfNew), file
../node/s/node.c, line 247

abnormal program termination


Problem seems to be the input EDIF file. The EDIF file is
using '.' (dot) extensions. This currently causes problems
with M1.3.7.

Example of INVALID EDIF entry:

(instance (rename Test_SCH "Test.SCH")
(viewRef NetlistView
(cellRef Test)))

The current workaround is to edit the EDIF file by changing
the dots '.' to underscores '_'. The input EDIF file
should run successfully.

For the above example, the "Test.SCH" should be changed to
"TEST_SCH" as shown below:

(instance (rename Test_SCH "Test_SCH")
(viewRef NetlistView
(cellRef Test)))
AR# 2794
日期 04/07/2000
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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