AR# 2873


Foundation/Viewlogic simulator does not properly simulate the CK_DIV or OSC52 symbols Error 8030 or 8031


Keywords: Foundation, 5200, simulation, ck_div, osc52, Viewlogic, Viewsim,
Workview, 8030, 8031

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

When using the Foundation simulator or the Viewlogic simulator such as Viewsim
I am not getting any output signals from the CK_DIV or OSC52 symbols, or
I am getting Error 8030, or Error 8031.



The CK_DIV and OSC52 symbols cannot be simulated
because thier functionallity depends on the attributes
divide1_by and divide2_by. These attributes are defined by
the user and therefore, no simulation models can be made.

When doing functional simulation in the Foundation Logic
Simulator, if the mode is changed to TM, an arbitrary frequency
is applied to the two clock outputs. These clocks are not
correlated to the input clock.

For simulation purposes the best thing to do is to apply the
stimulus directly to the outputs of the CK_DIV or OSC52


This applies to Workview Office functional simulation
as well. After 'Create Digital Netlist', upon loading the vsm
file in viewsim, an error will appear:
unrecognized component type CK_DIV, instance name $###. Module

It might also give license error vsec 8030, 8031.

The workaround for workview office will be to run
'Xilinx Functional Simulation' as if the design has RAM or
netlist instantiation.
AR# 2873
日期 03/27/2000
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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