AR# 2879


M1.3: Windows95 Install: Installing software to run from a network drive


Keywords: network, install, directory

Urgency: Standard

Temporary procedure to install software in order to run from a network drive.

After selecting the "Run from CD or Network" install type, the following
message may occur when selecting a mapped network drive:

The specified directory:
is invalid, incomplete or write protected. Please type a full path with
drive letter, for example C:\APPS'.


1. Run setup.exe to begin the install program

2. Enter Name, Company, and Serial Number information and select Next.

3. Select "Run from CD or Network Drive"

4. Select a destination drive on your local, writable, hard drive such a C:\.
Or, leave the path as the default CD drive.
(Nothing will get written to this specified drive).

5. Continue installation with default settings. When the installer asks to
restart the computer, select no.

6. Go to Start Menu --> Run. Within the "open" field of the Run menu,
type "sysedit".

7. In the autoexec.bat file, edit the SET XILINX, SET XILINX_CD and
SET PATH variables to point to the drive and directory of the network
install or CD mount location. Save and exit sysedit.

8. Change the path of the Xilinx icons created in the start menu by
a) Select Start --> Settings --> Taskbar.
b) Select the "Start Menu Programs" tab and hit the "Advanced" button.
c) From the Explorer tree, select "Programs" and then "Xilinx".
d) Right button click on Design Manager icon and select "Properties".
e) Select the "Shortcut" tab and edit the "Target" and "Start in" fields
to point to the network/CD directory and path and hit the OK button.
f) Repeat steps d and e on the remaining icons in the group.
g) Exit Explorer.

9. Reboot the machine.

10. Open Design Manager.

If Design Manager fails to open, recheck the autoexec.bat to ensure the
correct paths were specified for the XILINX and PATH variables.

It is not required to have write permissions to run the software from a
network drive (read and execute permissions are required).
AR# 2879
日期 10/06/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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