AR# 2886


M1 Design Architect: LogiBLOX fails with "newer symbol database version has been encountered"


Keywords: LogiBLOX, Mentor, Design Architect

Urgency: Hot

General Description:

The Mentor LogiBLOX module may exit with the following error:

// Error: $$open_symbol returned error status at line 771 of file
/tools/xilinx/mentor/data/des_arch/schematic.ample within
function xblox_sym_gen (from: Uims/Ample/Ample_eval 1D)
// Error: Read failed - A newer symbol database version has been
encountered and is not backward-compatible...
// It was written by version v8.5_1.10 of Design Architect; current
version is v8.4_2.4.
// Please update to the latest release. (from: Capture/gdc/error 78)


Mentor LogiBLOX M1 cannot be used with any versions of Design Architect
before B.1. The templates that Mentor LogiBLOX uses to create symbols for
synthesized LogiBLOX modules were drawn in Design Architect B.1; they
cannot be read by any earlier version of the schematic editor.

The only solutions are not to use LogiBLOX with pre-B.1 Mentor software, or
to upgrade to Mentor B.1 or later.
AR# 2886
日期 10/06/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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