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AR# 29119

9.1.03i Project Navigator - Warning: Project management Duplicate design unit: Module xxx.ngc


When implementing design in ISE 9.1.03i get a warning message

"Warning: Project management Duplicate design unit: Module Imager_demo_top.ngc".

After this warning appears, the ISE hangs and has to be terminated through the windows task manager. Then need re-open ISE (same project) and run again.


The problem has been related to a problem with the iMPACT plugin and how it was interacting with the project file.

--> A fix has been made and will be published in service pack 2 for 9.2i.

--> The suggested workarounds:

1. Use iMPACT stand alone rather than through the Project Navigator GUI.

2. Close Project Navigator and reopen after ever use of iMPACT.

When using the iMPACT tool stand-alone - Will ISE (v9.1) hangs even if the stand-alone version of iMPACT is open?

The problem is with the iMPACT plugin incorrectly using the Project Navigator Message Manager. iMPACT stand alone does not plugin the Project Navigator and does not access the Project Navigator Message Manager. So the ISE will not hang up when the iMPACT is used stand alone.

AR# 29119
日期 01/06/2010
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章