AR# 2926


ViewSim and M1.2: Loading func_sim.xmm gives error that none of the RAM instances are found.


KEYWORDS: Viewsim, Functional simulation, XMM, RAM,

URGENCY: Standard

When running ViewSim on a design created from EDIF generated by M1.2, you may
receive an error message that some of the instances are not found when
func_sim.xmm is loaded.

Apparently, Viewlogic's EDIF Netlist Reader (EDIFNETI) in both Workview
Office 7.31 and Powerview 6.0.0, may change instance names (adding a trailing
"p") when the instance has the same name as one of the ports on the owning
block. Since the XMM file is built based on the hierarchical instance names
in the EDIF, this changing of names may cause failures when loading the XMM
in Viewsim.


Workaround is to use M1.3 or later version.

In M1.3 or later version, NGD2EDIF has been changed so that it
uniquifies the instance names against the parent block's pins.
Thus, the instances in question will be renamed in the EDIF
netlist (and in the XMM file), eliminating the possibility of
Viewlogic's EDIFNETI doing so.
AR# 2926
日期 03/11/1999
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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