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14.x Timing Analysis - "WARNING:Timing:3224 - The clock 'CLOCK' associated with '%s' does not clock any registered '%s' components"



WARNING:Timing:3224 - The clock CLKIN associated withTIMEGRP "datain_registers" OFFSET = IN 3ns BEFORE COMP "CLKIN" HIGH;does not clock any registered input components.


NET "CLKIN" TNM_NET = datain_registers;
TIMEGRP "datain_registers" OFFSET = IN 3ns BEFORE "CLKIN" HIGH;


该 OFFSET IN 约束的语法不正确。记住,把参考寄存器组放在方程式的右边,把暂存器组放在方程式的左边。正确的语法是:

[TIMEGRP "padgroup_name"] OFFSET=IN time unit BEFORE pad_clock_netname [TIMEGRP "reg_group_name"];

本例中,datain_registers 是 CLKIN 定时的寄存器组。它不会影响任何暂存器组件。因此,OFFSET IN 约束不涵盖任何输入路径。这和 OFFSET OUT 约束一样。

如果时钟路径不涉及时钟管理组件,如 DCM、PLL 和 MMCM,请确保输入时钟网络的周期约束可传播至实际可驱动输入寄存器的时钟。

AR# 29362
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