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11.4 System Generator for DSP - Why do I receive a standard exception error message when I generate my model?


When I try to generate my System Generator model, a standard exception error occurs, but it is not clear what is causing the error.


The most common cause for a standard exception error in System Generator is an error message that originates in another tool, but is not properly issued to System Generator to pass along as the correct error message.

There may be an error message embedded after the standard exception message, which gives additional information about a specific core or tool which failed during generation.

Some known causes of this error message are as follows:

(Xilinx Answer 23614) - System Generator 11.2 and 11.3, TEMP/TMP environment variables

(Xilinx Answer 33993) - System Generator 11.2, 11.3 and 11.4 there is an XST known issue which can cause this error message

coregen.log will contains the following message:

ERROR:Xst:2996 - XST patch Expired.

- System Generator has to generate an IP core in CORE Generator and the correct IP is not installed or found.

- CORE Generator runs out of memory during generation of an IP core.

- XST generates an error during generation of an IP core.

- The output netlist directory is too deep and cannot be created by Windows. (Note that 256 is the maximum number of characters in a directory path and that System Generator often creates several subfolders used during generation.)

- Cannot use System Generator with IBM Clear Case. See (Xilinx Answer 24267).

- Cannot generate a multiple subsystem generator design which contains an HDL black box with bi-directional ports. See (Xilinx Answer 31071).

- Cannot communicate with ISE because an unsupported version is pointed to by the Xilinx environment variable. See (Xilinx Answer 17966) for information on tool compatibility.

- After updating software versions, previously generated cores cannot be replaced. Clear the System Generator core cache (see the user guide for details).

NOTE: A log file in the output netlist directory and subdirectories might provide further information on the error.


Another possible problem could be a conflict with a Java process that is already running on your machine, or with the Java Run-time version installed on your machine. If you are using a version of Java other than that installed by MATLAB, this could cause problems.

It has also been found that if Java is running before you launch MATLAB, it might interfere with the interprocess communication. Terminating any existing Java processes with the Windows Task Manager might also resolve this problem.

AR# 29430
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