AR# 2956


M1.4 CPLD: Interactive Timing Analyzer gives unhelpful messages when invoked on a 7K design


Keywords: 7300, 9500F, timing analyzer

Urgency: standard

General Description: The Interactive Timing analyzer, Version M1.4
gives the following message if invoked on existing XC7300 or XC9500F
designs fitted with M1.3 - "Problem running the taengine program
for analyzing CPLDs. Process exit code -1. For details, select Show
Command Status in the Console window."


XC7300 or XC9500F family devices are not supported in this release
of the software. Please use the software release version M1.3 if your
target device is XC7300 or XC9500F.
AR# 2956
日期 12/29/1999
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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