AR# 2983


M1.4 Timing Analyzer: Failed to open document (Win95)


General Description:

The Timing Analyzer generates the report and it fails to open. This is due to the fact

that the text editor can not handle large files. This problem does not exist on M1.4

or later on the Windows NT and Workstation platforms, but it is still a

problem for Windows 95.


The file does exist and can be read with another text editor. The file is temporarily

placed in the c:\windows\temp directory (or the directory where the TEMP

environment variable points to). The files are prefixed with "xil_", followed by a

number. Find the most recent file generated of this type, since will be the last file

generated by the Timing Analyzer.

You can run T.A. and a "command line" mode by opening the Console window from

the View menu. Here you can issue an "AnalyzeAllPaths", or

"AnalyzeDesignPerformance" command etc which equates to the "All" and "Mhz"

toolbar buttons etc. How does this help?

There is an extra option to the command line that allows you to save the timing

report to a specific file rather than view it. So you can then open the file in an editor.

An example command line is:

AnalyzeAllPaths save c:\temp\timing.twr

or abbreviated to

aap s c:\temp\timing.twr

AR# 2983
日期 01/18/2010
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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