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12.1 EDK - I cannot download bitstreams to the targeted FPGA, even though I can do this with iMPACT


I can program the "download.bit" file into the FPGA using iMPACT.

However, when I select Download Bitstream in the XPS GUI, the following error occurs:

ERROR:iMPACT:583 - '<position_number>': The idcode read from the device does not match the idcode in the bsdl File.
INFO:iMPACT:1578 - '<position_number>': Device IDCODE : 00000000000000000000000000000000
INFO:iMPACT:1579 - '<position_number>': Expected IDCODE: 00000010101010010110000010010011


This error indicates that you did not specify the correct JTAG chain position number for the targeted FPGA.

To resolve this issue, open the "download.cmd" file and pinpoint the correct position number after "-p".

For example, if the targeted FPGA is the fourth chip on the JTAG chain, the statements in "download.cmd" should look similar to the following:

assignfile -p 4 -file implementation/download.bit
program -p 4



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AR# 29864
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