AR# 2993


M1.3 MAP: OPTX error -- ERROR: x4kdr: 7 (Foundation F1.3 specific)


Keywords: optx, map, x4kdr:7, netcheck
Urgency: Standard
General Description:

Map may fail due to the following OPTX error (or one similar):

ERROR: x4kdr: 7 - Netcheck: More than one active source pin was found for signal <signal_name>. Please check to ensure that all signals only have one driver...


The above error may occur if you are using Foundation F1.3 and have VHDL macros instantiated in a schematic. It happens mostly when one VHDL macro is instantiated more than once on a schematic. The root cause is the way that Metamor synthesizes the VHDL code into a netlist and then the way that map in M1.3 interprets the netlist. Metamor optimizes the code and merges netnames. Map sometimes doesn't like the way that Metamor does this. The workaround is to turn off the optimization in Metamor.

In the HDL Editor, go to "Synthesis" and then "Options". Choose "Off" under "Optimize". Resynthesize the design and then reimplement the design in M1.

If the instantiated macros were written in ABEL, please look at solution record 3064.
AR# 2993
日期 04/10/2000
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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