AR# 30219


11.1 EDK - Can I debug ELF-only software applications in XPS?


I have an ELF-only software application in XPS. When I connect to my target board and launch the debugger, I receive a pop-up window stating that I cannot debug ELF-only applications in XPS. How can I work around this problem?


Generally, ELF-only applications in XPS exist because the software project was imported into SDK. To maintain clarity between software debugging environments, the pop-up window comes so that users will debug their software application in the environment in which it exists and, in this case, SDK.

To debug an ELF-only project in XPS, launch a Cygwin shell and type in the following:


cygwin$ mb-gdb executable.elf


cygwin$ powerpc-eabi-gdb executable.elf

AR# 30219
日期 12/15/2012
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