AR# 3048


Foundation F1.x, Design Manager, XABEL: DM doesn't read PLD (Plusasm) or EDN file if flow is changed


Keywords: ABEL, Plusasm, PLD, 9500

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

It both the Plusasm and Edif flows are used to compile an ABEL
file within the same project, it may be necessary to regenerate
the Design Manager project in order for it to read the
appropriate input file.


By default, XABEL designs within Foundation will be synthesized
to EDIF (.EDN) files. It is possible, however, to enable the
Plusasm flow, such that XABEL designs will be synthesized to
Plusasm (.PLD) files. See (Xilinx Solution 2776) for more
information about enabling this flow.

When the Xilinx Design Manager is invoked from the Foundation
Project Manager, a Design Manager project is created with an
input file "hard-coded" into the project file.

Therefore, if you enable the Plusasm flow AFTER the Design Manager
has already been invoked once, the Design Manager will
continue to read the EDN file, and not the newly created PLD file.

(This problem also exists in the reverse situation, where the Plusasm
flow was enabled first, and then it was later disabled
to produce default EDN instead. In this case the Design
Manager would "remember" the PLD file instead of now reading
the EDN file.)

In order to resolve this problem, the Design Manager project,
at least, must be recreated. There are 2 methods to do this:

Alternative #1
Create a new Foundation project. Ensure that the desired
flow (Plusasm or default EDIF) is chosen before invoking
the Design Manager in this new project.

Alternative #2
Delete the current Design Manager project by selecting
File->Delete Project from Design Manager. Then, close
the Design Manager, and re-invoke it from the Foundation
Project Manager. It should now create the DM project with
the appropriate input file (PLD or EDN).
**Please note that this alternative will DELETE the entire
XPROJ directory for this project. You will lose all of
the Version and Revision Implementation files. You will
not lose any of the design source, however. If you wish
to retain all of the Version and Revision data files for
this project, then you must use Alternative #1.

AR# 3048
日期 04/04/2000
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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