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AR# 30619

10.1 ISE - ERROR: internal failure, getting basic input data for current process (dpm_mapRun) failed


After Forcing a process Up-to-Date, I apply a Design Strategy and then run a downstream process.

Instead of running the process, Project Navigator returns:

"ERROR: internal failure, getting basic input data for current process (dpm_mapRun) failed"


The Force Process Up-to-Date function is provided as an advanced option to aid users when a process has unintentionally been put out-of-date. When using this option, you need to make sure that the project files are in a correct state compared to the forced process.

In test cases where processes are forced and then a strategy is applied, the Translate process stayed up-to-date after the new strategy was applied. The issue in this case is that applying the new strategy does not change any properties for Translate but does change properties on many of the other processes (including Synthesis). Typically, we would expect Translate to go out-of-date due to a predecessor (Synthesis in this case) going out-of-date. However, due to the sequence of events, this does not happen. Because Translate was already out-of-date due to the predecessor when it was forced up-to-date, when the predecessor goes out-of-date again Translate does not see this as a change, and the original force takes precedence.

To return the project to a good state, do one of the following:

- Rerun the process that has been forced Up-to-Date.

- If possible, reverse the process property changes made after the Force.

AR# 30619
日期 05/13/2010
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章