AR# 31211


Endpoint Block Plus Wrapper v1.12 for PCI Express - Link transitioning to L0s causes BAR settings to be reset


Known Issue: v1.12, v1.11, v1.10.1, v1.10, v1.9.4, v1.9.3, v1.9.2, v1.9.1, v1.9, v1.8, v1.7.1, v1.6.1

BAR settings might be lost if link transitions into L0s.


On most systems, the default setting for Active State Power Management is "off". This issue occurs only if ASPM is in use, or if there is a programmed power management event to move the link to L0s.

For other Endpoint Block Plus Wrapper v1.11 for PCI Express Known Issues and Release Notes, see (Xilinx Answer 32741).

Revision History

09/16/2009- Updated for ISE 11.3 and core version v1.12.

06/24/2009- Updated for ISE 11.2 and core version v1.11.

04/13/2009- Updated for ISE 11.1 and core version v1.10.

09/12/2008 - Updated to reflect v1.9.

06/18/2008 - Initial Release.
AR# 31211
日期 08/06/2010
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