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XC4000/A/D/HE/L/EX/XL/XLA/XV - Frequently Asked Questions


Keywords: FAQ, XC4000, XC4000A, XC4000D, XC4000HE, XC4000L, XC4000EX, XC4000XL, XC4000XLA, XC4000XV, fake, counterfeit, availability, replacement, migrate, migration, software support, device support, software version, device marking, Pb-free, RoHS

Are the devices real or fake? Are the devices counterfeit?
Are the devices still available, XC4000/A/D/HE/L/EX/XL/XLA/XV?
What are the recommended replacement parts? How to migrate?
What software supports XC4000/E/XL/XV/XLA?
How do I access the software for XC4000/A/D/HE/L/EX/XL/XLA/XV?
What do the device markings mean?
Are the devices Pb-free? Are the devices RoHS compliant?
What PROMs can be used with the XC4000/E/XL/XV/XLA?


if you have any questions relating to the XC4000 families hardware including questions on availability, replacements etc, see: (Xilinx Answer 33556).

if you have any questions relating to the XC4000 families software including questions on software versions, bitstream compatibility, see: (Xilinx Answer 33555).

Parts covered by the Answer Record:
XC4003, XC4005, XC4006, XC4008, XC4010, XC4010D, XC4013, XC4013D, XC4020, XC4025, XC4002A, XC4003A, XC4004A, XC4005A, XC4003H, XC4005H, XC4002A, XC4003A, XC4004A, XC4005A, XC4013XLT, XC4028XLT, XC4062XLT, XC4013XLA, XC4020XLA, XC4028XLA, XC4036XLA, XC4044XLA, XC4052XLA, XC4062XLA, XC4085XLA, XC40110XV, XC40150XV, XC40200XV, XC40250XV
AR# 31383
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