AR# 314


XBLOX 5.x: Error message regarding CAST (20051, 20141, 20142, 20184, 20177, 20199, 20336)


Keywords: XBLOX, bus, error, cast

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

XBLOX gives an error that which states that a CAST symbol must be used.
(The message may be tagged with one of several different error numbers.)

XBLOX 5.x has improve error checking over previous versions. One of the
design-rule errors it now checks for is conflicting data types: busses with
different data-type specifications coming from different places. These
design-rule errors often slipped by versions of XBLOX previous to 5.0.


The CAST symbol is a symbol that translates a bus of one data type to a bus
of another data type. The bus width is maintained; however, the index
range may be different: e.g., 7:0 may be translated to 9:2. CAST may be
placed in the schematic between any two XBLOX busses of different data
types, and does not use any LCA resources. The CAST symbol is included in
XBLOX libraries for XACT 5.0 and later. See the XBLOX User Guide (either
the 1994 or 1995 editions) on p. 4-24 for more information on the CAST

For designs which use the obsolete library, the CAST symbol is not included
in the XBLOX library. For the Viewlogic interface, it is included in the
shm4000 library, which should be in your search path when processing
existing XC4000 designs with XACT 5.x. OrCAD users will find this symbol
on the BBS under The Mentor symbol is automatically placed
in the old libraries $LCA/blox directory on installation.
AR# 314
日期 05/24/1999
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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