AR# 31509


Virtex-5 GTX RocketIO - TXKERR and TXRUNDISP meaning for a 4-byte interface


This answer record describes the differences in meaning of TXKERR and TXRUNDISP between their use in the User's Guide and their use in hardware for a 4-byte transmit interface.


The bytes TXKERR[1:0] and TXRUNDISP refer to different bytes of TXDATA than indicated in the GTX RocketIO User's Guide when the a 4-byte interface is used. TXKERR[1:0] indicates an invalid K character code was specified on TXDATA[31:16], and TXKERR[3:2] indicates the same for TXDATA[15:0]. Likewise, TXRUNDISP[1:0] reports the running disparity of TXDATA[31:16] and TXRUNDISP[3:2] of TXDATA[15:0].

AR# 31509
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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