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LogiCORE Initiator/Target for PCI v4.8 - Release Notes and Known Issues for ISE 10.1 IP Update 3 (IP_10.1.3) and 11.1


This Release Note and Known Issues Answer Record is for the LogiCORE Initiator/Target for PCI v4.8 released in ISE 10.1 IP Update 3 and contains the following information:

- General Information

- New Features

- Bug Fixes

- Known Issues

For installation instructions, general CORE Generator known issues, and design tools requirements, see the IP Release Notes Guide at:


General Information

The LogiCORE Initiator/Target for PCI v4.8 supports Virtex-5 and newer architectures only. For all other devices, use the v3.166 PCI Core. For more information on this core, refer to (Xilinx Answer 31567).

New Features

- ISE 10.1sp3 tool support

Resolved Issues

- None

Known Issues

-Timing simulation might not work. This is due to the problem described in (Xilinx Answer 30815).

(Xilinx Answer 32500) LogiCORE Initiator/Target v4.8 for PCI - Implementing XC5vLX110t-FF1136 may cause PAR error: ERROR:Route:472 - This design is unrouteable.

Revision History

04/13/2009 - Added 32500

09/19/2008 - Initial Release

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