AR# 3157


PAR: Error: baspw: 134 Input design is empty.


While running the implementation flow you get the following error
just after PAR runs.

Error: baspw: 134 Input design is empty.


In some cases map will trim all the logic out of the design
creating an empty .ncd file. There is one very common and simple
cause for this problem. This is due to some logic not being
connected in the schematic via IBUF's, OBUF's, IPAD's, and OPAD's.
Map will even trim out logic that has a input connection but no
output connection. So in this case check the schematic and/or map
reports to see what is getting trimed out by map.
AR# 3157
日期 04/11/2000
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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