AR# 3163


NGD2VHDL, NGD2VER, NGD2XNF, NGD2EDIF: ERROR:basut:79 - File system full!


Keywords: full, 79, ERROR:basut:79, ngd2ver, ngd2vhdl, ngd2xnf, ngd2edif

Urgency: Standard

General Description: During simulation netlist creation
(ngd2ver, ngd2vhdl, ngd2xnf, ngd2edif),
the following error may occur:

ERROR:basut:79 - File system full!


There are two root causes of this error. Either the project
drive really is full, or the drive where the temporary
directory is located is full. The simulation netlist writers
NGD2VHDL, NGD2VER, NGD2XNF, NGD2EDIF write the output netlist to a
temporary file, and only copy it to the real output name if
no errors or problems occur.

If this error occurs, first check to be sure there is enough
space on the project drive. The project drive should have
adequate space for the writing of the project file. This
amount is dependent on the size of the device being targeted.

From Windows 95 or NT, this may be done either from File
Manager, Explorer, or the DOS prompt (using the DIR command).

From UNIX this may be done with the following command :

df -k <project_directory>

If there appears to be adequate space, check the amount of
space in the temporary directory drive.

For Windows 95 users, this is determined from the TEMP
variable in the autoexec.bat file.

For Windows NT user, it is determined by the TEMP variable
defined in the System Variables or User Variables for the
system. If both are defined, the User Variable takes

For UNIX users, the location of the temporary file is
determined by the tempnam system call. By default, the
Solaris tempnam will use the /var/tmp directory, which may
have considerably less space than your standard partition.
You can override the use of the default directory
by setting the environment variable TMPDIR to an alternate
directory which has more free space available.
AR# 3163
日期 10/06/2008
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