AR# 3178


M1.4 ngd2edif: ERROR:basng - (NGD-internal) bFATAL_ERROR:baspp:basppres.c:828:1.15


General Description: Design targetting 4K, following error

occurs when trying to run ngd2edif

ERROR:basng - (NGD-internal) bFATAL_ERROR:baspp:basppres.c:843:1.14 -

Unable to create connection at

"AICNTRL_fastUpdateBscanAIBist1" (L5432), pin 1299. Process will


Please call Xilinx support.


Current workaround is to not use the MAP.NGM file when

running NGDANNO. This is also equivalent to not using the

'Correlate Simulation Data' checkbox on the Interface Tab

within the M1 Gui.

The Interface Tab can be accessed from the Implement window ->

Options -> Edit Template (Implementation) -> Interface


This is a workaround and the functionality of this option is

lost, thus not allowing the user to use the same net names

as found in the functional simulation.

AR# 3178
日期 05/14/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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