AR# 32031


Endpoint Block Plus Wrapper v1.9.1 for PCI Express - Training time increased in simulation


Known Issue: 1.9.1

After updating to v1.9.1, the Endpoint takes longer to train in simulation, sometimes by as much as 350 us.


The added simulation time results from a fix for the issue described in (Xilinx Answer 31845). Depending on the chosen reference clock, training can take 100-350 us longer than in previous versions of the core. Functionality of the core is not affected. This has no negative impact on hardware operation.

A patch for this has been released. It is the v1.9.2 patch. See (Xilinx Answer 31572) for more information and to obtain the patch.

Revision History

01/20/2009 - Added that patch is available.

01/08/2009 - Initial Release

AR# 32031
日期 12/15/2012
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