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10.1 ISE - How do I update my software configuration?


I have evaluation versions of ISE and/or other Xilinx accessory tools. I have recently purchased the full versions of these tools. How do I update the Xilinx software configuration in order to launch the full version of the tools?


The Xilinx Product Configuration Utility allows you to update the software product configuration with a new Registration ID that has the entitlement information for the purchased products.

NOTE: Before using this tool, make sure you have a 25-digit Registration ID that validates the software you recently purchased. The Registration ID can be obtained from the Xilinx Entitlement Center after you select the appropriate products from the "Entitled Products" section. If you are having difficulties obtaining the new Registration ID, contact Xilinx Customer Service. Contact information can be found at:

Launching the Xilinx Product Configuration Utility

In Windows:

Launch the Xilinx Product Configuration Utility from the Windows Start menu by selecting Start -> Programs -> Xilinx ISE Design Suite 10.1 -> [ISE Design Suite Tool] -> Accessories -> Update Software Product Configuration.

In Linux/SuSE:

Launch the Xilinx Product Configuration Utility using the following command line in a terminal window:

$XILINX/bin/[lin | lin64]/setup -autoupgrade

Updating the Software Product Configuration

Upon launching the utility, the current Registration ID is shown in a text field. To upgrade the tools, replace the registration ID with the new 25-digit Registration Key obtained from the Entitlement Center (refer to the note above). After you click "OK", the

following prompt indicates a successful upgrade:


You can also review the product status by re-launching the utility and reviewing the status fields for each listed product.

Possible Issues when Updating your Software

1. Invalid Registration ID.

The following prompt:


shows you have entered an invalid registration ID. Refer to the note above for help in obtaining a valid 10.1 Registration ID.

2. Registration ID does not update any currently installed products.

The following prompt:


shows you have entered a registration ID with no new products or product upgrades. Review the list of products and status to verify that your product has not already been updated.

For further help, contact Xilinx Customer Service. Contact information can be found at:

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