AR# 32087


ChipScope Pro 10.1 - Are Spartan-IIE devices supported?


When I target a Spartan-IIE device with ChipScope Analyzer, it is detected as a Virtex-E device. When I assign a Spartan-IIE device, an error occurs stating that the ".bit" file does not target a Virtex-E.

How can I work around this issue?


This is an issue with the IDCODE list internal to ChipScope.

To work around this problem, configure via iMPACT and then connect to the chain using Analyzer.

The part will appear as a Virtex-E device in the Analyzer, but it can be operated on without any issues.

AR# 32087
日期 03/04/2013
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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