AR# 32112


11.1 Release Note - Timing Analyzer/trce - Why do I have hold analysis in my TWR? I did not see this in previous versions of TRCE


Keywords: change, report size, increase

Why are my TWR files significantly larger when I run timing analysis in 11.1?

I see Hold Analysis being done in my timing reports by default. I never saw this behavior in previous versions of TRCE. Why do I see hold analysis when I do not have any hold violations?


The default behavior of TRCE has changed in 11.1 to report hold analysis by default. This is known as the "Fast Paths" option in the GUI, and "-fastpaths" when running from command line. This was an intended change and is as expected.

AR# 32112
日期 04/10/2009
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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