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14.x Timing Closure - Use "Mapping Logic Onto Block RAM" to resolve timing issue caused by too many levels of logic


I have some unused Block RAMs. Can I use them to resolve the timing issue caused by having too many levels of logic?


XST can place some of the separate hierarchical modules into unused Block RAM. This function can help to resolve some specific timing issues. If your separate block has too many levels of logic andsatisfies the following criteria, you can attach a "Map Logic on BRAM (BRAM_MAP)" constraint to this block to let it pass the timing requirement.

- All outputs are registered.
- The block contains only one level of registers, which are output registers.
- All output registers have the same control signals.
- The output registers have a Synchronous Reset signal.
- The block does not contain multisources or tristate busses.
- Keep (KEEP) is not allowed on intermediate signals.

For more information about "Map Logic on BRAM (BRAM_MAP)", see the XST User Guide.

For additional suggestions and recommendations about timing closure, see the following Answer Records:

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AR# 32177
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