"> AR# 32288: 11 CORE Generator - Known Issues for CORE Generator 11


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AR# 32288

11 CORE Generator - Known Issues for CORE Generator 11


This Answer Record contains a list of known issues involving the CORE Generator interface in the 11.1 ISE software release and 11.x ISE software updates.

For IP-specific information, see the Xilinx ISE Design Suite: Intellectual Property Web page:


Outstanding Known Issues in ISE design tools 11.4

(Xilinx Answer 20780) - CORE Generator - "ERROR:coreutil:195 - Could not create Java virtual machine"

(Xilinx Answer 21955) - An error occurred while running Java. This might be due to memory limitations

(Xilinx Answer 23688) - Core Customization GUI does not open on Linux when the project directory is in "$Xilinx"

(Xilinx Answer 24113) - Linear Feedback Shift Register GUI opens as a blank window with some window resolutions

(Xilinx Answer 24389) - Tab outlines of the IP views (View by function/name/Generated) are not visible on Windows XP64

(Xilinx Answer 30928) - CORE Generator software is unable to get Resource Utilization Information of PCI Express Core

(Xilinx Answer 32251) - CORE Generation software fails when the project is using a UNC path to point to a network location

(Xilinx Answer 32320) - Issues can occur when generating/regenerating a MIG project with the same component name

(Xilinx Answer 32396) - Generating a core through Project Navigator causes example VHDL simulation files to be overwritten

(Xilinx Answer 32409) - Selecting the View Resource Utilization option, after deleting IP CORE netlist, fails without message

(Xilinx Answer 32410) - A project file is not created when Japanese characters are used for the project name

(Xilinx Answer 32412) - Error message displays when customizing IP over Xwin32"X, " Error: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter) 3"

(Xilinx Answer 32486) - CORE Generator software help contains outdated information on how to obtain a Full IP license

(Xilinx Answer 33036) - The full path to "Recent Projects" is not shown in expected location

(Xilinx Answer 33665) - The xc6slx45t -3 speed grade for the PCIe core generation can not be selected

(Xilinx Answer 33933) - Generating an iBERT IP core results in "wincg.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close" error message

Issues fixed in ISE software update 11.2

(Xilinx Answer 22601) - Fragmented or incomplete error messages are displayed in the CORE Generator interface console window

(Xilinx Answer 29439) - Core generation fails for licensed cores if the combined path for all license exceeds 8k characters

(Xilinx Answer 32340) - Regenerating an Image Pipe Video IP Core fails to update the netlist when the parameters or license are changed

(Xilinx Answer 32406) - IP GUI "Answer Records for the Core" link has invalid URL for older IP cores

(Xilinx Answer 32418) - Canceling the "Upgrade and Regenerate Project IP" in mid process can cause core inconsistencies

(Xilinx Answer 32467) - An invalid XCO parameter causes Command Line "Upgrade and Regenerate" process to fail

(Xilinx Answer 32473) - Canceling the generation of a recustomized IP might leave non-existent IP in the project IP list

(Xilinx Answer 32480) - Canceling Core Customization leaves core "Actions" inactive

(Xilinx Answer 32484) - Message in Information pane gets duplicated when opening and closing dialogs

(Xilinx Answer 32485) - Changing project settings in Polling Mode may cause segmentation fault

(Xilinx Answer 32595) - An Eval license is used instead of a Full license for IP core if the Eval license is found first

Issues fixed in ISE software update 11.3

(Xilinx Answer 30542) - Incorrect VHO file created for Reed/Solomon Decoder when no license is found

(Xilinx Answer 32407) - EncryptedWriter API is unavailable

(Xilinx Answer 32408) - CORE Generator software allows unlicensed user to open a licensed IP core customization GUI

(Xilinx Answer 32824) - Error occurs when I attempt to generate some IP on Windows Chinese, Japanese, and Korean

(Xilinx Answer 33073) - Error occurs when I attempt to generate with an unsupported character set

Issues fixed in ISE software update 11.4

(Xilinx Answer 32459) - Running "Upgrade and Regenerate" process fails on NT64
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