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11.1 ISE Simulator (ISim) - System slows down considerably when I use ISim for timing simulations


My system slows down considerably when I attempt to perform a timing simulation of my design using ISE Simulator. Events such as mouse clicks, mouse moves, and other OS tasks perform very slowly. Furthermore, in the Task Manager there are several processes (cc1, fuse) taking up 100% of the system CPU.

How can I limit ISE Simulator's processor use so I can continue to use my system while it is busy compiling my design?


This is a known issue with ISim in ISE Design Suite 11.1 tools and has been fixed in ISE Design Suite 11 Update 4 (11.4).

Please download and install the latest ISE Design Suite update from the Download Center at:



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AR# 32358
日期 12/15/2012
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