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11.x ISE Design Suite Install - I have multiple installations of ISE 11.x, but I can only uninstall the last installed


I have installed ISE 11.x multiple times on my computer and now I want to uninstall one of them. When I attempt to run the uninstall command, the following error occurs:

"You are running Uninstall from an old installation at "<ISE_DESIGN_SUITE_VERSION_1>". To delete an old installation, use OS specific commands. To uninstall the latest installation at "<ISE_DESIGN_SUITE_VERSION_2>", run the uninstaller from that directory."


The uninstall application for ISE Design Suite 11 only removes the last installed location of ISE. If you want to uninstall a previously installed location, you can safely delete it manually as the installation environment is setup for the last installed version.

If you would prefer not to uninstall this way, then please open a WebCase with Xilinx Technical Support:
An engineer will assist you in obtaining the uninstall tool for the particular installation location you want to uninstall.

AR# 32387
日期 04/28/2010
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