AR# 32418


11.1 CORE Generator - Canceling the "Upgrade and Regenerate Project IP" in mid-process causes core inconsistencies


The "Upgrade and Regenerate Project IP" process has two phases:

- First, it walks a user through the IP in the project that have an upgrade available (e.g., older versions of the multiplier, complex multiplier, cordic, blk-mem-gen, and fir compiler cores). During this phase, the user selects from the available later versions of each core to upgrade to.

- After all of the cores are upgraded, the regeneration of all of the cores takes place.

If for some reason, the user selects cancel for one of the cores during the "upgrade" phase, the entire process is terminated. This leaves any cores that have already been upgraded in a state where the ".xco" file is a newer version than the associated netlist for the core.

Running the Project -> Upgrade and Regenerate Project IP process again will not pick up any previously upgraded cores, even though they were not previously regenerated.


For IP cores that are in the state described above, the user can select the core and regenerate it individually at any time.

If there are a large number of cores in this state, it might make sense to use the Project -> Regenerate Project IP process.

This issue is resolved in the ISE Design Suite 11.2 release.
AR# 32418
日期 02/17/2011
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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