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11.1 iMPACT - Release Notes and Known Issues


The ISE 11.1 Release Notes packaged with your ISE shipment, or found on the Electronic Fulfillment site, contain installation instructions, system requirements, and other general information about ISE 11.1, including iMPACT.

This Known Issues Answer Record is a supplement to the 10.1 Release Notes and contains links to information on known issues in the iMPACT configuration tool that might be resolved in future versions.

For more iMPACT Release Notes and other Configuration Related Articles, see (Xilinx Answer 34104).


Known Issues

(Xilinx Answer 32439) 11.1 iMPACT - "WARNING:iMPACT:2218 - Error shows in the status register, release done bit is NOT 1."

(Xilinx Answer 32443) 11.1 iMPACT - Inconsistencies between Operations Menu and "Right Click" menu

(Xilinx Answer 32444) 11.1 iMPACT - I receive a Fatal Error when I attempt use the Generate File in the processes menu of the System ACE Flow

(Xilinx Answer 32446) 11.1 iMPACT - "ERROR:Bitstream:32 - 0xXXXX bytes loaded up from 0xXXXXXX overlaps load at 0xXXXXXX"

(Xilinx Answer 32447) 11.1 iMPACT - One Step SVF/XSVF file generation cannot be used for multiple target devices

(Xilinx Answer 32448) 11.1 iMPACT - One Step SVF does not work on attached devices

(Xilinx Answer 32450) 11.1 iMPACT - 1532 flow with ".isc" files is not available for Spartan-3AN

(Xilinx Answer 32451) 11. iMPACT - Spartan-3E indirect SPI programming is disabled for SVF mode

(Xilinx Answer 32452) 11.1 iMPACT - MCS files targeting SPI PROMs are not generated properly when the source ".bit" file has Start-Up Clock set to JTAG

(Xilinx Answer 32454) 11.1 iMPACT - Auto Select PROM Size does not work for SPI PROMs

(Xilinx Answer 32606) 11.1 iMPACT - "The spartan3an device xc3sxxxxan is not supported in XSVF mode. The selected device will not be added"

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