AR# 32459


11.3 CORE Generator software - Running "Upgrade and Regenerate" process fails on NT64


The "Upgrade and Regenerate" process (under Current Project Settings) fails with the following error when I run on a Windows NT 64-bit platform:

"Regenerating IP...
ERROR:sim - An error occurred while initializing the Tcl interpreter.
Finished Regenerating.
ERROR:sim:374 - Error found during execution"


The Update and Regenerate fails on Windows NT64 in both the CORE Generator software GUI and when run in batch mode (-u -r switches).

Since the error occurs during Regeneration, the core version upgrade has completed. You can run the "Regenerate" process (under Current Project Settings) to complete the desired upgrade.

To avoid this error in the first place, you can run the upgrade (-u) and regeneration (-r) separately from the command line.

This issue is resolved in ISE 11.4 software.
AR# 32459
日期 02/17/2011
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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