AR# 32484


11.1 CORE Generator - "This core is [not] supported by your chosen part" message is duplicated


When I select an IP CORE in the IP Catalog or Project IP list, the information window displays relevant information about the core. At the top of the Information window is a message stating whether the core is supported by the current project part:

This core is not supported by your chosen part.


This core is not supported by your chosen part.

During certain actions, this message gets duplicated. The multiple instances of the message remain as long as the IP is selected.

Actions that have been found to cause this issue are:

- Opening a customization GUI.

- Selecting "more" or "less" under the IP CORE information text.


To clear the redundant messages, select a different IP and then reselect the desired IP CORE.

This is resolved in the ISE Design Suite 11.2 release.
AR# 32484
日期 02/17/2011
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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