AR# 32485


11.1 CORE Generator - Changing project settings in Polling Mode might cause segmentation fault


If you change project settings while in Polling Mode, and then attempt to access those project settings, a segmentation fault might occur. The error is dependant on the speed and threading of the computer being used.

Another symptom is the announcement that the project options are invalid, because the GUI is rebuilding project options that the Polling Mode thread assumes are valid. The resulting project option access causes the IP to attempt to customize without a valid part, declares an error, and exits generation.


This problem is limited to Polling Mode.

The root cause is the project IP widget's reaction to a "Project State Changed" signal; it has to update the project IP. There is an opportunity for this to occur during a SETPROJECT command. In the time between the old project being closed and the new project opened, if this occurs after the project IP widget has checked the project's validity, the widget assumes that the project object is valid (when in fact, it has been deleted). The resulting access of project options causes a segmentation fault.

The work-around is that when NEWPROJECT is used, it should be used on its own rather than as a NEWPROJECT/SETPROJECT pair.

Where the -p flag has been used, the coregen.cmd file should include the project options desired for the IP being generated.

This issue is resolved in the ISE Design Suite 11.2 release.
AR# 32485
日期 02/17/2011
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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