AR# 32496


Schematic - Automatic Sheet Size enlargement does not work for extra large symbols


When I attempt to place a symbol on a schematic with a height or width that is smaller than the symbol, the following message occurs:

"Sheet is not big enough to fit the symbol.

Do you want to enlarge the sheet size automatically?

Please note once the sheet size is changed, you cannot undo it."

If I select Yes, the schematic is resized to a standard sheet size large enough for the symbol. However, if the symbol is larger than any available sheet, this process fails.


In order for the automatic resize to work, there needs to be a sheet size large enough to use. Use Edit -> Preferences -> Schematic Editor -> Sheet Sizes, to create a new sheet size (e.g., H size drawing, 136 x 88 inches).

NOTE: The message about not being able to undo a sheet size change only refers to the Edit -> Undo function. The sheet size can be changed at any time. You can make the sheet larger or smaller as long as the placed symbols still fit within the sheet borders after the change.

AR# 32496
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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