AR# 32523


11.1 Virtex-5 MAP Known Issue - Maximum net name length of 2048 characters is exceeded by Synplicity netlists


The following MAP error occurs when I run a design netlist generated by Synplicity.

"FATAL_ERROR:Utilities:UtilCnameimp.c:425:1.13 - maximum name length exceeded.
Process will terminate. For technical support on this issue, please open a
WebCase with this project attached at"


This is a known problem that occurs when using Synplicity's Certify 9.2 and Synplify Pro 9.6.2. Synplicity has provided a patch to resolve the problem. The 2048 character limit is considered to b a reasonable limit, so no change is scheduled for the Xilinx MAP application.

AR# 32523
日期 01/31/2013
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