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AR# 32691

11.1 SmartXplorer - Problems running SmartXplorer in command line mode


I cannot run SmartXplorer in command line mode.

Are there any known problems?


There are several known problems with SmartXplorer's command line mode. All of the following problems are being investigated for a fix in ISE revision 11.3:

- SmartXplorer must be run with the ".exe" extension on Windows machines; otherwise, the following error is seen:

"FATAL_ERROR: Internal Error 101. Please contact Xilinx Support."

- SmartXplorer will fail if a "&" is used to attempt to put the process into background. The switch "-b" should be used instead.

- SmartXplorer will fail if the output is redirected without using the "-b" option.

- Single quotes for command line arguments do not work in Windows. Double quotes can be used instead.

- Problems can occur due to conflicts with shared libraries under the %LMC_HOME% directory. This can lead to the following error:

""FATAL_ERROR: Internal Error 201. Please contact Xilinx Support" This problem is being investigated. Meawhile, remove the %LMC_HOME% path from the %PATH% variable before running SmartXplorer."

AR# 32691
日期 12/21/2009
状态 Active
Type ??????