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Licensing - How do I configure the License Server Manager as a Windows service?


I am using a Windows server, but the application has to be a SERVICE application.

How can I configure a FLEX Manager that runs on a Windows server in SERVICE mode?


To configure a license server system as a SERVICE, you can use lmtools.exe (available at %XILINX%\bin\unwrapped\win64.o or through downloading the License Management Tools from the Xilinx website*). 

However, you must have Administrator privileges:

  1. Run LMTOOLS.

  2. Click the Configuration using Services button, and then select the Config Services tab.

  3. In the Service Name, type the name of the service that you want to define; for example, Flexlm Service 1.

  4. In the Path to the lmgrd.exe file field, enter or browse to lmgrd.exe for this license server system.
  5. In the Path to the license file field, enter or browse to the license file for this license server system.
  6. In the Path to the debug log file, enter or browse to the debug log file that this license server system writes to.
  7. Select the "Start Server at Power Up" and also "Use Services" options.
  8. To save the new Flexlm Service 1 service, click Save Service.

Once the License Server Manager service is configured, lmgrd is started by starting the service from the LMTOOLS interface.

To start the service from the LMTOOLS interface:

  1. Start LMTOOLS.
  2. Click the "Configuration using Services" button.
  3. Select the Service Name from the list presented in the selection box. In this example, the Service Name is "Flexlm Service 1".
  4. Select the Start/Stop/Reread tab.

  5. Start the "Flexlm Service 1" License Manager by clicking the Start Server button.

To verify that the server is up and running, check the debug log output file specified in the LMTOOLS.

For complete instructions on using LMTOOLS and other FLEX licensing utilities, please consult the Flexera License Administration Guide.

For a known issue with LMTOOLs, please also see (Xilinx Answer 70200) - lmgrd license server as a Windows service failed to start using LMTOOLs.

Note: Starting in the 2018.x releases, the LMTOOLs file provided in the install location (i.e. %XILINX%\bin\unwrapped\win64.o) has been removed. 

Please contact Flexera directly for information on obtaining and using LMTOOLS.

AR# 32780
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