AR# 32795


10.1 ISE - Opening a project in Project Navigator results in: "ERROR:ProjectRepository - Unable to create temporary directory..."


I have my project on my network drive, but when I try to open the project or try to create a new project, I receive the following error:

"ERROR:ProjectRepository - Unable to create temporary directory <\\server1\users\Project\Project_xdb/tmp/ise> for storing project file contents"


The "<project_name>_xdb" directory under the ISE project directory is used to store information about a project while it is open in Project Navigator. The error message is indicating that Project Navigator is not able to write to this directory for some reason.

Check whether you have the write permissions to your network drives and the directories indicated in the error message.

If you cannot obtain write permissions to the directory or cannot determine the reason Project Navigator is unable to write to the directory, you can work around this issue by setting the following environmental variables.


TEMP=<directory location with write permission>

This will write the temporary file in to system temp directory instead of using the project directory.
AR# 32795
日期 01/22/2012
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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