AR# 32796


12.1 ISE Design Suite - Write permission error when attempting to install on a drive with FAT32 file system


A "Xilinx Software Setup" dialog pops up when I install ISE 12.1 tools on a Windows XP machine with the following error message:

"You may not have write permissions for the <ISE installation directory> directory or its subdirectory.

Warning error The file system may be full, or the file may be in use.

Please correct this and select Retry."

How do I solve this problem?


Make sure you are using the Administrator privileges of the computer so that you have full permissions. Check the file system of the drive you are installing to by right-clicking the drive and selecting Properties. ISE Design Suite is only supported on the NTFS file system for Windows machines.

If the file system is FAT32, you can convert it to NTFS by using the "convert" command (data will not be lost) or "format" command (data will be cleared). Note that there is no way to convert from NTFS to FAT32. You can also choose another NTFS drive to install the ISE Design Suite.

AR# 32796
日期 12/06/2012
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