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AR# 32812

11 EDK - "ERROR:EDK:1555 - IPNAME:mpmc INSTANCE:DDR2_SDRAM PORT:SDMA1_Clk - mpmc_v2_1_0.mpd line 1078 - ASSIGNMENT=REQUIRE..."


Keywords: SDMA, port, PIM, SDMA1_Clk, DDR, MPMC, VFBC, PLB

I created a MicroBlaze design using BSB; both MPMC and xps_ll_temac (DMA enabled) were used. The BSB generated design uses 3 PIMs on MPMC - PIM0:IXCL, PIM1:DXCL, PIM2:SDMA (for temac). The design was able to go through place and route.

Now, I want to reduce the PIM usage on MPMC by enabling "channel B" on PIM0, and connect both IXCL and DXCL to PIM0. After I change the connections, it becomes PIM0:IXCL+DXCL, PIM1:no connection, PIM2:SDMA. Then, I change PIM1 to "Inactive" and click "Left justify" button on the MPMC configuration GUI, pushing the SDMA to PIM1. However, when I attempt to run platgen, the following error occurs:

_1_0.mpd line 1078 - ASSIGNMENT=REQUIRE is defined in the MPD. You must
specify a connection in the MHS."


XPS will not update the MHS to reflect port changes made in the MPMC GUI. These changes must be made manually, either through the port connections in System Assembly View, or through the MHS file.
AR# 32812
日期 06/10/2009
状态 Active
Type ??????