AR# 32818


ISE Design Suite - What types of files should I expect to download from for my OS?


I downloaded files from and they are compressed. Should I be expecting a specific format for my OS? How do I uncompress these files?


All of the downloaded files can be decompressed on any OS. If the download does not specifically state that it is only for a specific OS, the download is available for all operating systems. For OS specific downloads, the file name contains nt, nt64, lin, lin64, win, or lnx.

Xilinx compresses files using ZIP and TAR methods. You can use software from a third-party provider to decompress these files. Please consult your IT department for assistance. 7-ZIP, GNU built-in tools, WinZIP, and WinRar are commonly used tools for file decompression and are licensed solely by each respective developer. Please be advised that Xilinx hereby disclaims any warranties, expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or noninfringement with respect to these suggested software tools.

AR# 32818
日期 05/28/2010
状态 Active
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