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VCS - Errors occur when I compile SecureIP models with the SystemVerilog switch


When I compile SecureIP models with the SystemVerilog -sverilog switch, errors similar to the following occur:

"vcs -lca -sverilog gtp_dual_fast.vp -l vcs.log

Parsing design file '/11.1/ISE/secureip/vcs/gtp_dual_fast_vcs/gtp_dual_fast.vp'

Warning-[EPIMD] Empty Port in Module Declaration

Error-[SE] Syntax error

Following verilog source has syntax error :

"/11.1/ISE/secureip/vcs/gtp_dual_fast_vcs/gtp_dual_fast.vp", 1

1 error"

How can I fix or work around this problem?


To allow the SecureIP libraries to be compiled with the -sverilog switch in VCS, the +verilog2001ext+.vp switches must be added to the command line. The new command line should look like the following:

vcs -lca -sverilog +verilog2001ext+.vp gtp_dual_fast.vp -l vcs.log

NOTE: Adding the "-lca" switch to a VCS/VCS-MX command line enables a suite of "limited customer availability" features.The exact set of features differs from release to release, but is documented in the "LCA Features" portion of "vcs -doc". Note that VCS or VCS-MX also issues a compile-time warning message as a reminder that you have used this switch.

Synopsys has a conservative process whereby features are introduced into Xilinx products in phases.This conservative procedure is rigidly followed to create a more stable and robust environment for a large user base.

Initially, new features will appear in the tool unpublicized as R&D works directly with a few users who are requesting a new feature.

In the next phase (Beta), the field-support organization introduces the new feature into a variety of other users and provides important feedback.

In a subsequent release, when enough confidence has been obtained, Synopsys will bring the feature into "limited customer availability".At this time, anyone can begin using the feature because it appears in the documentation as mentioned above.Users must add the "-lca" switch to enable this new feature.

With additional confidence, in an ensuing tool release, Synopsys will move the feature into full production where the "-lca" switch is no longer be needed.

Please understand that some features are addressed to a subset of the user-base, and it might take longer to achieve the confidence to move between these phases. By providing feedback on new releases and new features, users can take an active part to accelerate this process.

AR# 32821
日期 05/19/2012
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