AR# 32824


11.2 CORE Generator - Error occurs when I try to generate some IP on Windows Chinese, Japanese, and Korean


Keyword: CORE Generator, Coregen, Clocking Wizard, IBERT, Virtex-6 GTX, Virtex6 GTX, Video, Timing, Controller, Serial Rapid IO, SRIO, Chinese, Japanese, Korean

When I try to generate any of the IP listed below on Windows Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, I receive the following error:

Error: Failed to generate file: <IP wrapper name>

Clocking Wizard, IBERT Virtex-6 GTX, Serial Rapid IO, and Video Timing Controller


This issue is caused by a mishandling of a warning message.

JAVA reports a warning message in relation to the unsupported character set (e.g., "WARNING: Default charset MS932 not supported, using ISO-8859-1 instead") to stderr on startup. However, CORE Generator detects this warning as an error and exits generation.

To work around this issue, please set the following environment variable.


For information on how to set Environment variables, see (Xilinx Answer 11630).

This is resolved in the ISE 11.3 release.
AR# 32824
日期 02/17/2011
状态 Archive
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