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AR# 32860

11.1 EDK, PPC440MC_DDR2 - System hangs when enabling ECC


Keywords: XMD, exception, MSR, check, error, freeze

When using the PPC440MC_DDR2 memory core with the PowerPC440 CPU, the system hangs or receives an ECC exception on the first access after ECC is enabled. Simulation works correctly.

How do I resolve this issue?


During ECC operation, the ECC check bits in external memory must be initialized by clearing memory.

A HDL patch and software code function is available to resolve this issue, downloadable from:

To use the patch, extract to the project pcore directory, and add the ppc440mc_ddr2_v2_00_a/drivers/Ppc440mcInitMem.c to your software project. Call Ppc440mcInitMem after each startup or system reset. Note that by default, XMD will issue a reset during a "dow" command, requiring the memory to be re-cleared.

The hardware portion of the fix is provided in EDK 11.3 in the ppc440mc_ddr2 v2.00.b core. The software initialization is also required, even with the HDL fix in 11.3.
AR# 32860
日期 09/04/2009
状态 Active
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